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JPMorgan is contemplating the replacement of 1,000 to 2,000 terminals, according to a New York Post report, citing unnamed sources.
J.P.Morgan And Other Banks Plan To Cut Bloomberg Terminals
Tue, 2016-01-12 18:47
By Jacob Wolinsky

The consolidation of de-facto power on Wall Street is a nuanced topic, one that is difficult to document or get on the record comm

A survey of investors and financial advisors also highlights how emotions constitute landmines when you try to grow your money.
Curbing Emotions During Volatility
Mon, 2016-01-11 19:31
By Editorial Staff

Submitted by Nicholas Atkeson and Andrew Houghton Sure you’re emotional. Everybody is, especially these days with severe market volatility. But when it comes to managing your investment portfolio, your emotion can be a treacherous – and costly – villain.

Russell 2000 (IWM) Held well at 108, but still looking very heavy.
The Russell 2000s Phase Points to Contraction
Wed, 2016-01-06 20:42
By Michele "Mish" Schneider

As some of our Modern Family members get clos

Real Advisers vs. Internet Advice
Tue, 2016-01-05 19:29
By Editorial Staff

Submitted by Jeff Rose 

My point however, is that those who say the falling oil price is a sign of a slowing global economy are completely wrong.
World Oil Demand - Take Advantage Now
Sun, 2016-01-03 19:06
By Clifford Bennett

Be the first to believe, and make the most of the opportunity such an advantage presents.

Joel Greenblatt and Howard Marks are two of the investing world’s most influential figures.
Joel Greenblatt And Howard Marks Chat
Wed, 2015-12-30 20:34
By Jacob Wolinsky

Joel Greenblatt and How

The New Year’s Party came early today with every sector rallying nicely.
Does This Set Up January For A Big Breakout?
Wed, 2015-12-30 20:27
By Michele "Mish" Schneider

(Today’s commentary is by Geoff Bysshe, President, This will be the last Mish’s Daily until Sunday, January 3rd so I’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year from everyone at MarketGauge!

This week’s video we will focus on, gold, the Euro and solar energy.
Video: Markets Choking?
Tue, 2015-12-29 18:28
By Keith Schneider

The US equity markets ended the week with losses after the Fed raised rates for the first time in almost 10 years.

How do you find out if your investments help a company or cause you detest – and what can do about it?
Morality and Investing
Tue, 2015-12-29 05:39
By Editorial Staff

US inflation came in at 0.5% year on year.
US Inflation Number Perfect for Reassuring Stock Investors
Tue, 2015-12-15 21:28
By Clifford Bennett

Hello, and it is all shaping up nicely isn’t it! US inflation came in at 0.5% year on year. Which shows some acceleration, but a bit like the Fed Funds Rate hike, it is really just small fish in small pond stuff.